About LLC "Buryansk Oil Refinery"

"Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC is one of the largest independent oil producing enterprises in the Amur region. The company has been carrying out industrial exploration and oil production at the Amur region deposit since 2006.


The company carries out a full cycle of oil production, including extraction, preparation and sale of products complex that was commissioned in June 2006. Achievement Buryansk Oil Refinery, design capacity - 10 million tons of oil provided in Bureysky district, the opportunity to occupy the 1st place in the Amur regions in terms of exploration and oil refining capacity.


In 2008, reconstruction works were completed, which allowed increasing the capacity of the above block to 25%. The construction of the combined hydro cracking unit was still in progress, until the first design capacity for the launch complex was achieved. The competitive advantage of hydro cracking is the joint production of the base lubricating oils. The application for the commercial unit was launched in March 2009, and the unit was completed in record time for the Russian oil refining industry - for 11 years. The plant is designed for annual processing of 19.4 million tons. Tons of crude mixture and production of diesel fuel Euro 5, jet kerosene, Gasoline and Crude oil.


The company high quality products - the result of 11 years of production of the company's specialists to improve the formulation and technology use in the exploration and oil production of the latest scientific achievements and innovative developments is ensured by the presence of an independent research laboratory at the refinery (Accreditation Certificate No. ROSS.RU 0021. 11 NT 31), which is equipped with modern analytical equipment.


The territory of the license area is located on the banks of the Amur and Zeya Rivers in the Russian Far East: On the territory of the Bureysky district of the Amur region there is its own railway oil-loading complex at the Bureysky station with an accredited laboratory.