Oil Refining

"Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC main oil processing center is the Amur oilfield in western Siberia with access to a corresponding share of the facility's capacity.


The "Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC is currently process 20 million tons of oil per year with historical maximum capacity of 28 million tons prior to the 2016. The refinery is considered one of the most modern processing facilities in Russia. Capacity utilization at Amur region in 2016 reached 20.4%, significantly higher. The refinery also boasts the highest depth of refining in Russia at 28%.


"Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC has launched an extensive program to modernize the refinery, which will help to cut costs and increase production of lighter petroleum products in line with changes in demand. These investments will allow the plant to maintain its competitive advantage and ensure that it is able to comply with new, tougher quality standards both in Russia and internationally.


The "Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC is strategically located in the Western Siberia, as opposed to most other Russian refineries, which are located in the European part of the country.


The facility is directly connected to "Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC oilfields by the Transneft pipeline system, which prevents the lighter crude from being mixed with heavier oils produced in Far Eastern Russia. These factors, combined with the comparatively short distance between "Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC fields and refinery, helps keep costs down and makes it economically possible to ship refined products.


The combination of top-notch technology and access to light, sweet crude results in a highly attractive refined products output slate. Compared to the average Russian refinery, "Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC produces a greater share of gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel, and a lower share of fuel oil.


By employing technologies that improve product quality, "Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC is able to produce a wide range of fuels, lube oils and additives, aromatic hydrocarbons, catalysts and other products. "Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC is one of the few Russian refineries capable of producing low sulfur diesel fuel that meets European Union standards.


Its proximity to export markets also helps to boost the profitability of exporting oil products such as fuel oil and diesel oil to international markets. In refining oil at "Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC mainly uses tolling agreements in order to reduce transportation costs and to ensure the competitive pricing of its refined products.