Personnel policy

"Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC is a dynamically developing company, interested in finding and attracting into its ranks purposeful, initiative, energetic and creative people who are able to work in a team and are ready to improve their professional knowledge and experience.


The staff of "Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC is the key resource of its development. The value of human life is the main priority when the Company interacts with employees; therefore the Company pays paramount attention to the protection of labor, industrial safety, and the preservation of staff health. The Company faces large-scale and complex strategic tasks, the solution of which directly depends on the motivation of employees for effective work, as well as on their professional and personal development. Motivation implies modern comfortable working conditions, a wage system that can provide a decent level of income, which in turn depends on the effectiveness of the worker's work, a sufficient level of social benefits.


Motivation of staff


Worthy remuneration of employees is the basis of the Company's personnel management system.

The Company adopted a unified system of payment and labor incentives, based on the methodology for assessing the positions of Hay, used by large companies around the world. Each post has a grade (level) that corresponds to the range of salaries, which is adjusted taking into account the region of activity and the conditions of local markets.


Within the framework of the program of short-term incentives for employees, annual bonuses are paid, the amount of which depends on the employee's personal contribution and the performance of his division for the year.


The orientation of each employee of the Company on the result, the desire to make a personal contribution to the work of the team is the guarantee of the long-term success of the whole company. That is why it is so important for us to attract first-class specialists and managers who share our values ​​- Leadership, Effectiveness, Safety and Integrity.


Social benefits and benefits are an integral part of the staff remuneration system. We are proud that during the crisis we were able to maintain the composition of the social package and plan to further increase its volume.


The social package applies to all employees of the company and includes: 

  • A one-time financial assistance in difficult life situations; 
  • Material assistance in entering into legal marriage for the first time; 
  • Material assistance for the birth of a child; 
  • Material assistance to the anniversary dates;


Training and development of personnel


"Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC provides its employees with equal opportunities for continuous improvement of their abilities and skills. A key aspect of its policy in the field of personnel training and development is the strategy of internal growth and professional development. The company is confident that improving the overall professional level of employees can be achieved primarily through the education of their own specialists.


An important element of the strategy of internal growth and professional development are training programs designed to improve the educational level of employees and enhance their personal motivation.


Special attention should be paid to professional retraining programs developed in cooperation with leading educational institutions. Thus, in cooperation with STC Prombezopasnost, programs of additional professional education are being implemented: Oil and Gas Production, Fishing Equipment and Pipelines, New Technologies in Production, Information Technologies, Industrial and Environmental Safety, Fire-Technical Minimum, "The right to manage mining operations".


Jointly with the ANO of additional professional education "Innovation and Education Center of the Northern Capital" (St. Petersburg), training is conducted under the programs "Industrial Safety and Labor Protection Specialist", "Environmental Management Manager", "Economics and Management, Personnel Management" and other


Personnel assessment


The system of personnel assessment in the Company has been successfully implemented since 2012. To evaluate employees, advanced methods are used, operating in the largest international companies. The appraisal is carried out when hiring the Company, transferring the Company's employees from office to office, selecting them to the personnel reserve, and also when selecting employees for training programs.


The program of the personnel reserve


The Company's personnel reserve program includes systematic work to identify the best, most promising employees, their training and promotion to key management positions. For the Company, the personnel reserve program is a guarantee of personnel security and business efficiency growth, for employees it is first of all opportunities for development and career growth.