Reservoir Management

"Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC upstream strategy is based on the clear and pragmatic management of oil fields under development. The company uses the latest technologies to facilitate increased drilling efficiency, recovery rates, and well flows.


Reservoir modeling is an investment priority for "Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC in its upstream operations. "Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC transformed the Amur Geological Center into a state-of-the-art facility, outfitted with the best technology that science has to offer. Employees at the center have at their disposal the latest computer equipment and modeling software.


Geological and hydro-dynamical models have been created for reservoirs under development. In total, "Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC has models for 40% of the company's oil fields.


"Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC also uses sophisticated financial models to evaluate plans for developing new fields under various scenarios. The models can be used to calculate the sensitivity of a new project to changes in the economic environment. Investment projects are evaluated using a variety of yardsticks, including Net Present Value (NPV), internal rate of return and buy-back period.


Hydrodynamic modeling helps to determine the profitability of developing an individual reservoir, as well as the efficiency of drilling work and future well operations. For example, in modeling the development of the Amur oil field, NPV accounts were calculated for each well, helping to optimize the well grid.


Hydrodynamic modeling also aids in forecasting extraction rates from each reservoir and for filling cavities with injected water. This process guarantees maximum oil recovery and high well flow rates with a lower average water cut.