Environmental policy

The desires to preserve beauty, the natural riches of the region are clear to everyone. The extraction and processing of oil in the territory of Amur region has been going on for more than 11 years. In the recent past, little attention has been paid to the study of the quantity and nature of industrial emissions. Even when their negative impact on nature was studied and proven by environmental scientists, everything was limited only to recommendations, before the cardinal change of models and production technologies it did not reach.


The result of such activities has become a lot of accumulated problems related to pollution of river basins, lakes and reservoirs, significant areas, lands, storage of oil production waste. The question of how to establish modern production without damaging the natural environment has become one of the main activities of "Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC.


Work in the field of environmental protection and ecology at the facilities of "Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC is organized in accordance with the Federal Law.  Specialists of the company developed and approved measures to prevent contamination of the territory of facilities, instructions in the field of waste management. All the objects of "Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC received documents on approval of waste generation norms and limits for their placement, permits for emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. Training of specialists of "Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC on the right to work with hazardous wastes was conducted.


Environmental policy of the Company is aimed at reducing the anthropogenic impact on the environment. This is achieved through the following environmental measures: 


  • Organization of movement of vehicles on the allotted and agreed routes (prevention of soil disturbance);

  • Carrying out works to diagnose pipelines in order to prevent leakage of oil products from operated pipelines in a timely manner;

  • Environmental monitoring of atmospheric air, soil, radiological surveys at all sites of "Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC;

  • Reduction of industrial waste;

  • Increase in the percentage of useful use of associated petroleum gas.

"Buryansk Oil Refinery" LLC implemented a project on the useful use of associated petroleum gas: the construction and installation of a recuperated plant of the type UR on BPS-1 of the Amur oil field was completed. The enterprise has reached the maximum permissible value of the associated petroleum gas combustion index.


Our Company pays paramount attention to preventive measures aimed at minimizing the impact of the company's activities on the environment and employees' health. To this end, the Company is actively introducing the latest energy-saving technologies, optimizing the use of natural resources and reducing production emissions into the environment. The company also seeks to ensure that each employee feels responsible for the conservation of nature